Making Things Better around the world and beyond

We are a Rapid Prototyping Service Bureau located in Western Michigan established in 1994. Our purpose is to assist industry in the design/build process from prototype to production. Since 1994 we have established one of the highest world-wide reputations for quality in rapid prototyping.

Living up to our name...

Choosing an eagle as our company symbol not only named us, but it challenged us. After all, literally practicing business in an “eagle-like” manner demands daunting standards.

An eagle possesses almost unearthly long-range vision. We strive to match that vision: searching for and acting on the latest breakthroughs in our field, while keeping a keen focus on our customer’s needs. With an average wingspan that dwarfs the height of most humans, the eagle’s strength proves another valuable ideal. Therefore, ours is a company that won’t shrink from the “impossible,” continually – or, in some cases, immediately – building our resources to get the job done, no matter its size or complexity.

Grace, to the eagle it’s second nature, to us it’s an aspiration. To be a “graceful” company means approaching each project with a thorough professionalism; keeping all involved on top of project status, progress and costs; and – the ultimate test of grace under pressure – delivering on time, every time.

What’s in a name? Little… until it becomes a standard to live by, to work by, and to soar by. Everything Eagle does emanates from the combination of design and technology. For instance, we specialize in several disciplines of professional engineering design. Frequently, we wed these services with technology, allowing us to boast one of the finest CAD/CAM teams in the area.

Our marriage of design and technology is at the same time unique and perfectly natural. We understand that as technology races ahead, it will never stray too far from the hands-on, brain-powered ingenuity of human creativity. Limitless opportunities constantly unfold from this dynamic mix of design and technology. Eagle will be there, serving its clients today, with the breakthroughs of tomorrow